Music Instructor

Stanton Greggs

Stanton Greggs Founder of Greggs Music School


President And Founder Of Greggs Music School

Stanton Greggs is a lifelong educator that has dedicated his life to helping people cultivate the musical gifts that exist within them. Stanton Greggs the highly esteemed founder of Greggs Music School was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina. He graduated from Berea High School and further extended his education at Claflin University where he obtained Bachelors Science degree in music. In the year 1983 with the urging of his mother he came back to Greenville and took it upon his shoulders to be a pioneer and open the non-profit Greggs Music School.

It was his desire to assist people who have the burning desire to learn how to play music correctly. He discovered that many people desired to learn how to play music but the constant barrier that prevented them from being able to express the music they feel pulsating within them was the high price of music instruction. Stantons philosphy is “If I can help somebody, then living my life will not have been in vain.” This philosphy has ensured over 1000 students over the years to successfully achieve their goals of being great musicians and vocalist.

Stanton Greggs Bio:
Bachelor of Science Degree in Music 1979
Greggs Music School Founded 1983
Music Instructor at Fuller Normal Charter School 18 years
Music Instructor at Charter Legacy School 8 years
Served as Church Musician at the following:
St. Paul Baptist Church
Macedonia Baptist Church
Bethel Church of God

Active Church Musician at the following:
Long Branch Baptist Church
St. Anthonys Catholic Church

Stanton Greggs is available and also actively participates in music workshops, weddings and funerals.